Favorite Albums of 2010

Favorite Albums of 2010

Band of Horses, Infinite Arms
This was my favorite album of the year for quite awhile. It’s a baby step in a different direction for BoH, and it’s not a bad direction. Favorite track: “Laredo.”

Pete Yorn, Pete Yorn
I love Pete Yorn. He’s sort of an everyman in an industry where being a hip singer-songwriter means that you studied writing at a private liberal arts school in the deep north and record all your records on analog equipment in your parents’ basement. Pete Yorn isn’t hip. He’s cool. Hipness is fleeting. Favorite track: “Precious Stone.”

The National, High Violet
High Violet was easily my favorite of the year. Brilliant writing. Brilliant composition. Brilliant execution. Brilliant fashion sense. Favorite track: “Bloodbuzz Ohio.”

Mumford and Sons, Sigh No More
This is everyone else’s favorite album of the year. It’s a good album, but we’ll see whether it’s a great one after Mumford and Sons release their second record. I think there’s a tremendous possibility that they’re a one-trick-pony. Favorite track: “Dustbowl Dance.”

Matt McCloskey, Let it Burn
Matt is an Austinite who just might save Rock n Roll. Keep your ears peeled. Favorite track: “Nashville Sun.”

Kings of Leon, Come Around Sundown
Less epic than Only by the Night, and it’s refreshing. Come Around Sundown feels homey and down to earth; it feels like the album that the Kings were meant to make. Favorite track: “Pickup Truck.”

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, The Social Network
This score made the movie. And it’s proof that Reznor is one of the most significant artists making music right now. Favorite track: “In Motion.”

Hans Zimmer, Inception
Everything that Hans Zimmer does is pure gold. But the Inception score was absolutely unreal. Jonny Marr’s guitar work is phenomenal as well. Favorite track: “Time.”

Honorable Mention: John Mark McMillan, The Medicine (Technically it was released independently in 2008 before its 2010 release. But I picked up the 2010 version and it was easily among the best albums of the last year for me, and by far the most inspirational and influencial).


Them’s the favorites. What did you like?



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